Cricket, cricket, cricket! Whether it’s the sub continent of Asia or the islands of the Caribbean or the Isles of Great Britain, where cricket first originated, cricket is a sport that has won many hearts all over the world and traveled many places.

We offer:-

  • Indoor Cricket facilities: 6 nets, bowling machines
  • Cricket coaching (group or one-on-one coaching): for all ages and skill level
  • The lastest cricket equipment: bats, pads, shoes, balls, etc.
  • Custom uniforms, trophies, plaques, medals

Sherriff Boodhoo is the owner of Qasra Sports Inc. He has been in business for more than 25 years. He also operates Qasra Cricket Academy where he coaches cricketers of all age groups and levels of skill.

He manages Tranzac -Brampton Masters teams in the Toronto TDCA Cricket league.